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About US


To create instruments that become the tools of YOUR creativity. Your instrument is your voice, and we want you to be heard. We are committed to bringing as much passion to our craft as you do to yours.


Our story and inspiration began many years ago, in a shop in the United Kingdom. Since those early days, our goal has remained the same… to provide players with an instrument that brings out the best in their playing, and the heart of their music. We remain committed to meeting the needs of musicians everywhere by honoring the past and looking to the future.


The past feeds us. The future drives us. Familiar and Unique… We strive to create function and inspiration in everything we do. We believe that every instrument matters, and that every note counts. We are first and foremost musicians… If we would not play it, we will not build it.

Our Values


Regardless of price, we will always strive to offer the highest quality possible in our instruments. We are constantly learning, and consistently improving.


Customer Service

We must be the Best. We will do whatever is necessary to make your Zemaitis / Greco experience the best you have ever had. As players and consumers, we would expect nothing less.



This is the heart of our business. A beautiful instrument is useless if it does not sound great and inspire greatness. Every instrument we make must pass our “tone-test”, or it will never see the light of day.

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