BAND-MAID surprises with performance of new song “After Life”, from upcoming album

Over the weekend during BAND-MAID’s ONLINE OKYU-JI livestream, they performed the new song After Life for the very first time, a track you’ll find on their next album, “Unseen World”. Briefly introduced by vocalist Saiki, the unexpected tune took some impromptu research to get the song’s name. Moreover, this fourth full album is due out on January 20, 2021.

Correspondingly, chatter from viewers was mostly positive. In particular, it revives the hard rock rhythms of songs like One and only from the second full album World Domination with the attitude of decided by myself from their first full album Just Bring It. Plus, fans were thrilled to have a new song so soon after the recent release of Different which they also performed in the show.

Regarding the upcoming album Unseen World, it will have songs composed in their earlier metal style alongside new songs to showcase their growth as musicians. According to guitarist Miku Kobato from a recent interview:

The album consists of two sections, “Return to Origin” and “Current Evolution Point”, as if two different BAND-MAID patterns have been condensed into a single sheet.

These two sections are more apparent on the Limited Deluxe Edition which will have two discs where disc one are the “Roots” and disc two are the “Progress” songs. Yet, it is uncertain at this point what exactly Miku means by “Evolution”. Will they be looking to branch out into the mainstream with more pop melodies?


“A huge sign for ‘Unseen World’ is set up at Tower Records in Shibuya”. Photo: BAND-MAID

Also of note, at the end of the livestream with the camera zooming in on the stage’s big screen, a hand with red fingernails clutches a Japanese flag, and a message unveils, “ROAD TO BUDOKAN”. In short order, it seems the band will begin promotion efforts leading up to a big event. Which is on Japan’s National Foundation Day, February 11, 2021, at the legendary arena, Nippon Budokan, will be their most significant “OKYU-JI” in the new year. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Japan will change its travel restrictions in time for tourists from abroad to attend the concert.


Promotion image of BAND-MAID’s Nippon Budokan “OKYU-JI” performance. Photo: on Instagram.

All things considered, get a sneak peek of Unseen World with the song After Life, available now on streaming platforms Spotify and Apple Music.



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